DK on Cala, CNN!

What are you doing on friday night at 9:00 PM (8:00 PM Ecuador time)?  Well hopefully watching my interview with Ismael Cala, where I will talking jewels and trends alongside my friend renown fashion designer and TV star Angel Sanchez.

Recently I've had a lot of highlights in my career as a jewelry designer, but this week takes the cake.  As you can see in the picture above, that's me (in the black dress, natch) after my interview with CNN's Ismael Cala.  Yes!  

This is not the first time that I have appeared in front of the cameras for CNN; I have also been a guest in Notimujer a few times.  It is however my first time I have been asked to participate in such an important interview. 

Ismael Cala

"Cala" is the Latin world's answer to Larry King Live, and it takes its name from Cuban journalist and host Ismael Cala.  Beloved since his days in Despierta America, Cala has won the hearts and the respect of Latinos all over the globe.  On his show he interviews influential figures from a variety of worlds such as politics, entertainment, arts and even business. 

A captivating and intelligent interviewer, Ismael Cala was a delight to work with.  With 20 years as a journalist under his belt in Cuba, Canada and the United States, Cala's career has seen him covering the death of Saddam Hussein in Irak to breaking the news of the arrest of President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.  I have always admired his work, and was elated to find out I was one of his guests.

When they asked me to join Angel Sanchez in Cala, I was stunned, honored and then a little nervous.  And why shouldn't I be. This interview is a milestone for my career because it cements me as an expert in my field, something I have been working very hard towards since I went off to study in Europe. Fortunately, this not only makes me reset my goals and work harder, but it also enables me to reach out to my fans, and allows others who are not familiar with my work to take an intimate look at my life as an artist.

On friday we will be covering topics such as my latest collaboration with Angel Sanchez in Puerto Rico, Angel's rise to fame here in America, and my work and influence in the world of jewelry design.  We will also talk about my work as a crown and tiara designer in renown beauty pageants in Latin America, as well as our innovations as designers.  Hope you can tune in!

Love Always
Dani K

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