Feline Fun

Hello my gems! Hope you had an amazing week. I had a great time, and I've been working today with more panther jewelry for you. These feline posts are so popular, that I decided to continue with the feline theme and show you more of my "catty" pieces.

First up is the classic Pantera II ring. This gorgeous ring is made of 18kt rose gold and is covered in in rows and rows of sparkly diamonds. The eyes are made of rubies, which are of course red, the universal color of love and passion.

I love this piece as an amulet for protection. A panther signifies a beautiful woman fiercely guarding her young, so this piece would actually be a great gift for a mother, too. In Christian mythology, panthers are known to represent Christ overcoming the powers of evil. It's said that its tender breath and multicolored coat are also reflective of the many wonderful attributes of Christ.

The feline motif has often been synonymous with devastating seduction, exotic beauty and a mysterious untamed character. The next piece, my Pantera ring is the perfect companion to the Pantera II ring above. If you want to go full feline, then be bold and wear the earrings too.

The panther is a fierce beast, and no other piece represents that agile physique and attitude better than this ring. With fluid lines and impeccable design, the Pantera ring is quite sexy and super stylish. Even though it is a very strong image, this phenomenal ring is nothing but delicate details. When I was designing it, I was very intrigued with the juxtaposition of the two, and that is how this piece came to be.

Next is my "Panther's in Love" ring, available in both white and rose gold. Inspired by the feminine power of the panther, and the beautiful panther jewels by Cartier, this ravishing ring is to die for. If I had to pick just one, I would not know which one to choose.

Both versions share the same characteristics, yet offer very different looks. The beautiful rose gold version comes encrusted in diamonds, both champagne and white, with eyes of ruby like my Pantera ring above. The white gold "Panthers in Love" is also detailed in champagne and white diamonds, and its eyes are also rubies. I went with rubies because I thought it might give the pieces a bit of an edge, since they are after all supposed to depict sexy, wild creatures.

Panthers have been very prevalent in jewelry throughout history, with the most famous piece belonging to Wallis Simpson. Her famous Cartier panther bracelet was known all over the world, and rightfully so. It symbolized the infamous love affair she had with
the Duke of Windsor, who later abdicated the throne for her.

It is this type of passion that the panther image brings forth. A feminine being, with strength and slickness to boot. Powerful and fabulous, the panther is a classic theme that will continue to cycle in and out in jewelry, but will always remain a true classic.

Love Always
Dani K

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