Keep Calm and Wear Pearls

Pearls have been associated to iconic images of women for centuries.  They and have always been the queen of the gems and the gem of the queens.

Pearls are such an important part of my design sensibility that I have already written about them and their properties many times, in this blog and for other international publications.  One of the most common questions I get from clients and friends is regarding to a pearls' wearability.  "Are they too old fashioned?" or "Will I look like my aunt at a funeral?" are very typical statements I hear when I am working at my jewelry store.  But my answer is always the same:  They have continued to be on top for a reason.  Their beauty and versatility make them the perfect accessory for every kind of personality and every occasion; in short, for every woman.  Pearls are  one of my favorite materials to work with.   Depending on how many and how you style them, they can be worn in so many different incarnations.













I don't think any of the looks above, not even the classic or vintage ones, even come close to looking old fashioned.  Pearls are a great accent to any outfit and a great investment. As you can see, pearls are great to wear with different styles and have been in vogue for centuries.  Don't let images of old ladies keep you from wearing something amazing like this:

One of my personal favorites:
Fabulous pearl necklace with rock crystal eternity ring and
diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds.

And of course always remember to...
Love Always
Dani K

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