A Tale of Two Carolinas

They say two great minds think alike and that there is no new idea under the sun.  I don't know if I necessarily believe it, but what happened recently makes me think.  It's definitely one of those things that makes you go "huh."  Let me explain.

Remember when I did my post on St Barth's?  Well for that wedding I attended during that trip, I styled my dear friend Carolina F (or Caro) in a beautiful turquoise  Chanel dress and these magnificent earrings. Keep in mind this was in May.

Here is the picture of Caro and me in St Barths.  She is of course
wearing the infamous Chanel dress and  turquoise flower earrings
from my collection. 
The wedding came and went and she was very happy with her look at the event.  And  then here's the interesting part.  Months later, in July, Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Whittstock celebrated their nuptials, and as I was looking at the coverage in Harper's Bazaar I see this picture in the best dressed list:

It was the turquoise Chanel Dress, also styled with very similar (I think they are Van Cleef) turquoise clover earrings!  Princes Caroline went with different shoes and a hat, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

I always knew my friend Caro had amazing style, and now she can say she's fit for royalty.  Do you think Princess Caroline read our blog or is this just a coincidence?


Dani K

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