Miss Ecuador 2013

Constanza Baez, Miss Ecuador 2013

Designing tiaras has been my signature for quite sometime, and while I have designed them for the Miss Ecuador pageant on numerous occasions, it is one assignment that never gets old. Since I have been a part of the Miss Ecuador family for many years, I have also had the honor to be a judge. This year was no different, so I went to Guayaquil (my hometown!) for the event and am excited to share all the details with you today. 

Me behind the scenes with fellow judge and
Miss Venezuela Estefania Fernandez

Behind the scenes at Miss Ecuador
with fellow judge and designer Vanessa Graf

Every year, the pageant gets better and better, and more fine-tuned, and every year I am more impressed with the girls who are in the pageant.  This year's winner was an amazing beauty and a very smart individual.  Her name is Constanza Baez and she represents Pichincha, as well as identifying herself with Guayaquil since her family is rooted in both places. I believe that, with her message of national unity, she really represented what an ideal of Ecuadorian beauty should be, someone well rounded in her studies and activities, who at the same time is aware of the importance of the philanthropical obligations. Oh and did I mention she is a true beauty?

Anyway, back to the pageant and all that it takes to make it happen.  Of course the most important prize the winner gets is the crown so it is my duty to present it to the press, and we did it at my shop in Policentro.  All of the girls were there, as well as the pageant officials and the press. The participants were very excited and eager to try it on, and as tradition dictates we let each of them have a turn with the coveted tiara.

Here I am at the presentation of the crown,
with all 15 contestants. 

I designed the crown this year in citrine, sapphires and white gold.  The total time it took to produce it was six months, and I was inspired in its design by the beauty and qualities of the Ecuadorian woman, especially her tenacity and perseverance.  The colors I chose this year represent the flora and fauna of my country, and the gems I used are imported from Brasil. The crown was hand crafted by some of the world most talented artisans and is worth over $30.000.000. 

Miss Ecuador 2013 crown
by Daniella Kronfle

Here is a video from Diario El Comercio where you can really appreciate the crown.  The pictures really do not do it very much justice.  I also give a little background on the design and creation of the tiara.  Check it out...

Working with Miss Ecuador was always a dream of mine, and I could not be happier and more thankful that it is my reality.  I love the positive message that it brings women in my country; I love that it represents hard work and success, and that it is full of opportunities not just for the winner, but for all the participants involved.  Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did working for my country in this spectacular pageant. Until next year!

Love Always
Dani K

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